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Welcome to TEXAS BRIDES! This is a regional community for those who are dating, engaged, and married in the state of texas to discuss your wedding plans, post your pictures, or just get advice. This is an open community so anyone can join, but we ask that you please read and follow the community rules.

1. Be respectful. Texas is a very diverse state with many religions, ethnicities, sexual preferences and tastes. We are not all going to want the same exact wedding (that would be boring!), but it is important to remember that just because someone does something differently, there is no excuse to be rude or inconsiderate. Remember, if you don't have anything nice to say...

2. Please try to keep all posts on topic. The moderators will usually keep this under wraps, but try to keep away from topics that don't apply to any of the community's interests. If you feel like you need to rant or you'll just explode, feel free to! That's what we're here for, just make sure it's wedding-related, otherwise those things probably would be better off said in your personal journal.

3. Do not harass any of the communities' members. This applies strongly to rule #1. If you feel as if someone is harassing you in an inappropriate way, let one of the moderators know about it. You will recieve one warning before you are permanently banned from the community. We've never had to do this before, and we'd like to try and keep the peace.

4. If you are a wedding photographer, planner, design wedding gowns, etc. we are more than happy to welcome you into this community however, we do not affiliate ourselves with any particular company or brand, so please do not advertise on this community. We appreciate your advice and expertise.

5. Keep comment wars in the comments. If there is some drama going on due to a post, the moderators will review that post and decide whether or not to delete it or turn the comments off. DO NOT make posts for the purpose of carrying on an argument because it will get deleted and you will get warned.

6. Put all pictures larger than 400x600 pixels under a cut. If you do not know how to make a cut, you may use these instructions. (Please remove the periods)

<.lj-cut text="text of cut here"> <.img src="link here"> text text text <./lj-cut>

7. Please refrain from using obscene user icons or language. texasbrides is a work-friendly community. If you are repeatedly using an obscene icon, you will be warned and/or banned. We understand that sometimes you get frustrated and just need to make an entire post using four-letter words. If this is the case (and it's wedding-related) you may post, however it must be under a cut and must say something along the lines of "Cut for Profanity" on the tag.

8. We will delete all SPAM. It's annoying and childish. If someone is spamming the community with advertisements they will be removed from the community and the posts deleted.

When you join the community, we'd love for you to introduce yourself to us! Please fill out the following survey and use it in your first post.

1. Name/FI's Name:

2. Wedding Date:

3. Age:

4. City:

5. Wedding Colors:

6. First Dance Song:

7: Tell us a little bit about you and your FI:

This community was started by ladyspeak of Houston, TX

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