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Binda [userpic]
1st post here
by Binda (tx_dramaqueen)
at December 13th, 2007 (10:33 am)

1. Name/FI's Name:Brenda and Ricky

2. Wedding Date: July 21, 2007

3. Age: 21

4. City: Corpus Christi, TX

5. Wedding Colors: Red and White w/ a hint of silver

6. First Dance Song: a mix of nat king cole (the one w/ his daughter), what is love from night at the roxbury, a gorilla song in spanish, and a spanish song by a man call ricardo montaner...lol

7: Tell us a little bit about you and your FI:
My fiance and i met at school when i was looking for clubs to join during rush week...he was the president of the computer club and i joined...our first time we went anywhere was half prize books...we were teaching his friend how to talk to a girl...our first movie together was invinsible...he is the sweetest guy ever and i totally am in love w/ him...lol...if you have any questions i'm here